Removing Popcorn Ceilings

We decided the best time to do this was right before we installed our new flooring. Right off – Removing our popcorn ceiling before we put in our new flooring was probably a smart move, but it totally ruined the excitement of the new flooring. Removing the popcorn ceiling was brutal. Okay – Time to be honest – This is most likely because I had to do all the work. Projects are great and I would do them a million times again…when Kurt does the work. I’m an honest person. I had to be the muscles behind this project after the first room we did and Kurt’s allergies kicked in and just about killed him. I decided to step up to the plate and finish up. Luckily, our main living area is tongue and groove ceiling, so I only had to do the hallway and the three bedrooms. FYI – Our ceilings had not been my painted after the popcorn was done. If your ceilings are painted, my method may not work well.

Here was the method to my madness:

1- Remove all old flooring. We went through the whole house and got this over and done with. Another task that was best for me to do until I got all the carpet and padding out due to Kurt’s allergies. (Thinking back, I gave in so easy..I wonder if he milked that a little bit..hmm) I cut in sections and yanked it up, rolled it up and dragged it out of the house. We then went back through and removed all the staples still in the floor.

2- Scrap the popcorn. Another “luckily” –  Our popcorn ceilings had not been painted, so they did scrap fairly easily. To do this, I used a wide putty knife. Oh, and a ladder (duh haha).

3- Sand the ceiling. Ugh. This was the worse.. mostly because I could not get a hang of the pole sander. Our friend, who does construction, made it look like cake when he tried to show me.. for the life of me, I just could not do it smoothly. This definitely took some time. I did settle and leave a little texture, which I really don’t mind.

4- (What should have been step 4, but I was sick of the project by this time) Paint the ceiling. Yes, we still have unpainted ceilings. Oh well…


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