The Before – House Tour

Excuse the quality of the photos, but importantly, brace yourself.

We might as well start it off with a bang! Welcome to our humble abode in the state we purchased it.


Also, excuse the mess. It took me months (maybe a year, but whose counting) to completely unpack.

So, when you walk in the front door, this is what you saw. The living room is to your left, dining room to your right and the kitchen is in the middle. It’s a pretty open layout, with some division around the kitchen.



We have a back deck off the dining room with an awesome view of the backyard. Prime spot to grill in the winter or when it’s raining, which in mine and Kurt’s mind (and my dad’s, he’s a bit jealous) is a major plus.IMG_4277

The deck wraps around half of the house – Below is the side deck.


Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures of the kitchen, but if you look closely this gives you an idea. The stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher came with the house. They are a tad rough when you get up close, but we still have both so major complaints.


Walking down the hallway, we shall glance in at the messes I thought for some reason was okay to capture in a photo. It works, I suppose.



Laundry room


Guest Room (the colors are wonderful, I know!)


Guest Bath


I failed to take a picture of the second spare bedroom. This was a catch-all when we first moved in, so it’s probably best I don’t have a picture to share.

Master Suite (oh dear…)


IMG_4284 IMG_4285

Half basement

(The other half is a two-stall garage. I will let Kurt show you that.)


And the misery is over! I won’t lie, that was painful.

To top it off, the paint color you see above covered the walls of the living room with a couple pops of brown, orange and tan. Painting was the first thing we did. I didn’t mean to paint everything so white, but you will quickly learn that I cannot pick out paint to save my life. The white did create a great blank canvas and certainly brightened and opened things up. I actually have no plans to change it now, even though it was discouraging to start the paint “color” over the primer only to see a very small difference.


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