Welcome to my attempt to fill the world in on our journey through life!

We purchased our first home in August of 2013. The house was built in the early 90’s and reflected the era rather well, so that has lead us down the road of updating slowly, but surely. I absolutely love the location and land around our home. We have ten acres with a creek (Yellow Creek – fancy, eh?) that runs along the back of our property.

Along with that comes lots of hosting – Holidays, summer parties, etc. My first gathering was incredibly stressful and tiring, but I’ve slowly gotten the hang of things. Don’t worry, I’ll share my tips on that with you!

In all aspects of life, I’m always out for a bargain, but I love nice things. There are certain things I will cheap on and others I will splurge for – I’ll be sure to share all of those with you!

Feel free to leave comments and questions on any posts. I will be more than happy to respond! I always appreciate a response from fellow bloggers when researching.

Happy following!


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